We have chose for you the best producers of cured meats, jams, fruits,  vegetables and saffron: they produce in our territory making it unique and reach: only the best to accompany the tasting of our DOC Garda wines and extravirgin olive oil.

We want to present them, one by one…



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Sabrina cultivates its fruit at about 250 meters above sea level in an area that enjoys the climate of nearby Lake Garda. Everything happens respecting the natural production cycles, so you will find its fruits from May to the end of October. For each type of fruit cultivates different varieties, in order to offer different sweetness and flavors.
Strawberries are grown using the “above ground” method. The reasons for which Sabrina has adopted this solution are linked to the greater respect of the natural cycles of life and the desire to interfere as little as possible with them. It means that the cultivations “above ground” are less affected by pests, molds, snails than traditional crops in the ground, and this allows a reduced use of products necessary to limit the harmful effects.
In addition to strawberries you can find raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrant, cherries and of course many wonderful jams. Sabrina waits for you in Villanuova s ​​/ Clisi in Via Legnago 52.




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The cured meats that you can taste in combination with our wines are all produced by this small family business. From breeding to direct sales, all production processes are meticulously cared for by Alessandra, Marco and their father Mario. Alessandra also produces, in her laboratory, very special jams and a fantastic pickled vegetables! You can find them in Muscoline in Via Cabianco.


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The farm “L’orto di Domenico” is located in the Municipality of Gavardo (Brescia), including point of sale, in the hamlet of Rampeniga, a green oasis not far from Muscoline. Domenico Osio after twenty years working as a truck driver decided to change his lifestyle and devote himself to the activity of a farmer.
To give birth to vegetables with ingredients like earth, water, sun and manure “as in the past”, healthy, genuine and organic products. His choice was to produce in his land and offer consumers only seasonal organic vegetables.
His company is certified organic, has joined the monitoring program on the use of plant protection products from the Zooprofilattico institute of Brescia on behalf of the Ministry of Health, demonstrating the commitment and the seriousness that Domenico is able to boast the complete naturalness of its products.


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Padenghe sul Garda is located in the area of ​​the lower Lake Garda, territory with exceptional pedoclimatic characteristics for the cultivation of saffron and other products. The abundance of water and the mild, almost Mediterranean climate have made this place a world inhabited and cultivated since prehistoric times.
The Marini Agricultural Company of Padenghe sul Garda, also by means of analyzes carried out annually by certified laboratories, guarantees the excellent quality of Saffron produced thanks to a cultivation free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and chemical substances and to a completely handcrafted processing that further enrich the preciousness of this spice.
Moreover, the use of spice in stigmas, unlike the more common form of saffron for food use in powder and / or dubious origin, ensures the purity of the product.