15 January 2019

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Sangiovese IGT Benaco Bresciano “Sabbioso”

Sabbioso is a characteristic wine only produced with Sangiovese grapes that come from the hill that overlooks the borough of Castrezzone, unique for the sunshine and the calcareous composition of the soil. The grapes, only after a careful selection, are undergone at a soft pressing and a destemming; the wine ends fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 18 days; then Sabbioso rests in Slavonia oak barrels for 18 months. Sabbioso has a bright ruby red colour with garnet red highlights; the scent is particularly warm and ethereal, and it moves to a ripe fruit, plum and cherry: that is a direct consequence of a long maceration of the most with the peels. It is served in large glasses, which help an optimal oxygenation of the wine and the dominant wood aroma slightly spicy without hiding the soft scent of violet, a classical feature of Sangiovese. Its warm and vinous aftertaste comes with a soft tannin rate and a right acidity. Sabbioso may rests in bottles for a further ageing for 8/9 years and it improves as the time goes on. Bottles should be opened at least one hour before serving, ideally at 18° C. It is well matched with barbequed, roasted and stewed meats, game and the traditional.