Open your eyes...look what you are drinking!

Are you a wine lover? a simple curious? Do you want to discover closely the meticulous processes that, starting from the bunch, lead to the wine ready for the bottle? We are waiting for you in our cellar! You can choose between the traditional visit and the 5 senses tasting: book now!


We will take you on a journey to discover our vineyards and winemaking cellar explaining, step by step, the meticulous processes that, starting from the bunch of grapes, lead to the wine ready for the bottle.

You can choose 4 wines to taste paired with cured meat and cheeses produced by small farm in the area.

€ 15 per person


We will involve you in a sensory journey through which we will try to convey the true essence of our wines, a reflection of our character and our philosophy.

Rediscover sounds, tactile sensations, aromas and flavors of the past in a journey full of unexpected emotions that will surprise you with simplicity, naturalness, lightness and hilarity.

You will visit the vineyard and the cellar blindfolded … the protagonists of this particular visit will not be your eyes but your hands, your nose, your ears and specially your taste buds; you will listen to the sounds of nature and wine and then you will blindly taste 6 wines paired with local products.

€ 25 per person