The Company


Welcome! I’m Luigi Negri and I’m the owner, with my wife Francesca, of La Guarda, a beautiful winery situated on the rolling hills of Castrezzone (Muscoline – BS) and Polpenazze, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda; our farm covers an area of ​​18 hectares, 9 cultivated with vineyards and 2.5 cultivated with olive trees. The soil, characterized by stones and sand, gives rise, together with the particularly dry and constantly ventilated climate influenced by the proximity of the majestic Lake Garda, to a climatic situation that is considered by many experts, not only ideal for the achievement of excellent quality of the products, but also the best in the area. From the passion of this land born La Guarda! Our history has ancient origins: since 1870 we have vinified grapes, first bought, then since 1970, produced directly in La Guarda. This unique and gorgeus hill was bought by my father Angelo a family business founded by his father Angelo: we tried to mantein the ancient wine processing method, with the help of modern technology, with the sole aim of reaching ever higher quality levels. The vines grown are: Barbera, Groppello, Marzemino, Merlot and Sangiovese the reds, Riesling Renano and Chardonnay the whites. The olive variety coultivated are Leccino and Casaliva with wich we produce a fruity and light Garda extravirgin olive oil. In the small basement cellar it’s possible to get into the heart of the production and follow step by step the meticulous processes that, starting from the bunch of grapes, lead to the wine ready for the bottle.

The Agriturismo


I and my wife really  love the world of wine and we like to  describe our mission in this way:
“Our passion is to produce wines of the highest quality but even more we love to tell their story; William Shakespeare wrote:

“As it’s true that there is truth in wine
I’ll tell you everything, without secrets.”

“”Open your eyes … look what you drink” is not just our slogan … it is much more: it represents our way of being, our philosophy on the world of wine and everything that surrounds it, starting with wine tourism.
And finally the evolution of our concept of tourism linked to wine and the environment has started, which has led us to the realization of a great dream: “The Agriturismo in to the Winery”.
Water, Earth, Air and Fire are the elements that inspired the construction of the four apartments on the upper floor of the winery; spacious, bright and welcoming, all with private balcony overlooking the beautiful sunset of the Valtènesi hills. Each apartment is self-heating and is powered by self-produced electricity from the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building.

The Apartments


The furniture has been taken care of by us in the smallest details, recovering also old wood, beams and doors to recreate a rustic and country setting and inserted in the context of a wine cellar; the apartments are equipped with every comfort: wifi, air conditioning, a kitchen equipped with microwave, coffee machine, toaster. A perfect mix of modern andvintage that makes them unique and really comfortable. We have chosen not to put television sets inside but to equip each apartment with books to read and box-games for the whole family.
Only the best for the reception of our guests to offer them a relaxing holiday in nature in our Agriturismo during which they will be involved in some phases of agricultural production.

The activities


Starting from the care of vines and olives, going to the harvest and the olive harvest in specially organized company events, to end up with the transformation of products into wine and oil and for the more curious even to the winter pruning phases, our guests can embark on a journey to discover the agricultural world in all its facets. All alternating with moments of pure relaxation on board our salt water pool with breathtaking views of the Valtènesi or strolling through our forest path.
This development is the culmination of the intense and incessant work lavished in the production of quality DOC Garda wines and extravirgin olive oil of Garda.

We await you with open arms in our Agriturismo in to the winery with a special invitation: “Open the senses … live what you drink.”

Open your eyes ... look what you drink