The Winery

The family


Our history has ancient origins: since 1870 we have vinified grapes, first purchased, then since 1970 produced by us directly in our winery settled on the beautiful hills of Castrezzone (Muscoline – BS -) and Polpenazze del Garda, on the western side of lake Garda: a small farm that covers an area of 18 hectares, 9 cultivated with vineyards and 2.5 cultivated with olive trees. The soil, characterized by stones and sand, gives rise, together with the particularly dry and constantly ventilated climate influenced by the proximity of the majestic Lake Garda, to a pedo-climatic situation that is considered by many experts not only ideal for the achievement of a ‘excellent quality of the products, but also the best in the area. La Guarda, a family business founded by Angelo and now run by his son Luigi and his wife Francesca, is born from the passion for this territory. with the help of Angelo’s decades experience, they combine the tradition with the application of modern technologies and innovations in the viticultural and oenological fields, with the sole aim of achieving quality levels.
The vines grown are: Barbera, Groppello, Marzemino, Merlot and Sangiovese the reds, Riesling Renano and Chardonnay the whites. In the small basement cellar it is possible to get into the heart of the production and follow step by step the meticulous processes that, starting from the bunch of grapes, lead to the wine ready for the bottle.

Our passion


Gigi and Francesca, united by love for the world of wine and beyond, describe their mission: “Our passion is to produce wines of the highest quality but even more we love to tell their story; William Shakespeare wrote:

As it’s true that there is truth in wine

I’ll tell you everything, without secrets.

And that’s right: in front of a glass of wine we tell ourselves, hearts open and the souls meet and manage to touch each other. In all these years we have told friends, visitors, tourists, simple enthusiasts to the world of wine, our history and we were lucky enough to live and be part of them: different and incredible events, but for a few moments, we felt our … this is the magic of wine! “

What we do


La Guarda winery joins the Lombardo Wine Tourism Movement, offering to the visitors some services that increase their wine culture and discover, through guided tours, suggestive landscapes and typical gastronomic products; it also organizes cultural events of various kinds, especially during the harvest, the most important moment of the year. “The harvest is a magical moment for adults and children; every Sunday of September and sometimes even on Saturday night version, we open the doors of our winery to families, groups of friends and all people who want to really get to know this fascinating world of wine; collect the grapes directly from the viniards and then press it with the hands or the feet is for children (but not only) is a way to rediscover the traditions of the country, to touch the story, the real one, lived by our grandparents …

leave inebriating from the scent of the must and then relaxing for a typical country lunch directly on the grass lawn is a bit like returning children for a day … you can appreciate the joy of sharing, being together with carefree and rediscovering the flavors and aromas of the past ” Moreover, throughout the year, guided tours of the vineyards and the winery are planned by appointment, followed by tastings of the farm products paired with typical Garda products. From 2018, with the construction of a new accommodation located on the top floor of the winery, you can stay in four comfortable and spacious apartments equipped with kitchen, private bathroom, Wifi and salt water pool.

The environment


The Garda morainic hills formed around 110,000 years ago during the Wurm glaciation, in which our farm is located, is characterized by wooded areas, rolling hills alternating with small lowlands and ponds, vineyards and olive groves. This habitat is a real paradise for numerous varieties of birds that nest here, as well as for numerous birds of prey that choose this environment during migration. The woods are also populated by squirrels, foxes, badgers and many other varieties that have found an ideal habitat in this environment. The natural richness of these hills lies not only in the fauna but also in the flora: very rich in biodiversity, walking on these hills you can admire, among others, also different varieties of wild orchids; We have identified three different species in the green areas surrounding our vineyards. The gentle slopes that characterize these hills make them ideal for hiking or cycling.


The apartments


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